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Sura. That's my most used moniker around home and school, family, friends and students included. There are some variatons, (Mr. Sura, SurDawg), and there are those who known me before my evolution, mainly family, that have other names: Chris, Christopher, and Christopher Robbin. My author name I publish under is Christopher R. Sura.

My license plate says "Wordz," as well as books of poems I give to high school graduates. The idea with that is "words with zest." Something Heidi, my wife and long time supporter, came up with. That concept and the idea of "word play," also a past license plate, is some of the why in what I do.

Word Play. It is why I write. I like playing with words and seeing where they take me. Seeing words on pages and screens to read is enjoyable and fun. Seeing my words there, thrilling, as in excited and a little scared. Writing is a roller coaster.

I tell students, "I don't like English." And as their English teacher, it throws them of a moment. However, I explain, "I love stories." I love hearing them, reading them, telling them, sharing them. Plus, stories are everywhere and in many forms: songs, poems, short, long, novels, myth, lore, etc.  So, a favorite place for me to be is in story time be it in a textbook, a campfire, a bar stool, or a family dinner.  And, of course, the classroom. We share stories and make some too. Oh! Just to clarify about not liking English, I love the crafting and tools of English, the word play.

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