Sunday, June 12, 2022

And, where am I?

     Just the other day, I was trying to remember the date. School had only been out for one day, and I was already suffering 'date loss'.

     Today, I return to this webpage, SuraWordz, after renewing the domain name. Bam. I am at a date loss again. Well, more of a side effect of date loss  brought on by an affliction of Pandemic Fog, a "where am I?" moment.

    I set for a moment trying to wrap my head around the concept of the last two to three years. It was a roller coaster. And not just an up and down, climb, peak, and bolt down the other side, but the twisting turning, slide all over the seat kind of roller coaster in an enclosed dome of media chaos and national turmoil. Plus, throw in personal challenges to the mix. 

     And, where am I?

     If I got my facts straight. I'm still a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I still teach high school, and even with the challenges over the past couple years, I still like my job.

     I still have my health, but a little worse for wear. I still have trace amounts of numbness from a dance with Bells Palsy. Also, I walk a move a little more slower as I take on sciatica. So, as I head into this summer and stumbling forward to my 59th birthday, I will be spending some time worrying about my health. I have an appointment Monday.

     Writing. It has been a while since I sat at the keyboard. It has been a while since I posted here or to the collection of blogs (see description on this website).

     I did finish off an attempt an a romance story that I was challenged to write. That should be out in the world this summer. Also, I was able to finish off my young adult novel about a kid on a quest. Both titles are pending and in final editing phase.

     This should give me time to revisit the Eagle Brigade of my science fiction world. My summer looks busy, but it should be free as well even with a switch in the upcoming curriculum for the fall.

     Even though there are some storm clouds about, I hoping the summer of 2022 is a sunrise of good things to come for all.