Monday, August 6, 2018

Writer Food

I could not tell you how or when it started, but I have writer food: Pepsi and Fritos corn chips. If more substantial fare was needed, a pizza with ham, sausage and onion would be at the top of the list. Paul (co-author for science fiction novel, Cry of the Eagle) and I would started out getting it from a place in East Lansing known as West Side Deli.

Of course, I don't have to be in writing mode to have my two favorites. My students at school know that I am a Pepsi man too. And most of the time, I am hiding a bag of Fritos.

And I do realize that these two items are not at the top of the list for health food. However, it you look at the ingredients for Fritos, it says, "Corn, Corn Oil, and Salt." All natural, right

Pepsi, has a little more challenge, but I am drinking limited amounts, preferably the Pepsi with "real sugar." It sounds healthier.

Writing, alone or with a co-author, takes energy and needs sustenance and fuel. And, I am sitting here right now, with said items staged by the Samsung Chromebook for a few reasons:

1. I am writing.
2. I am hungry.
3. I am experimenting with affiliate marketing.

Now, don't run off. All I ask my friends and fans (all 7 of you) to do is just read. No clicks or purchases needed. A chuckle or two, a satisfied nod, or a "Hmmm, interesting" would not be bad either.

For you writers or friends and fans who are curious, I will occasionally have a post here on SuraWordz letting you know how it is going.

As I have learned from teaching journalism for years, marketing and advertising is a big part of our society and culture. Advertising fuels many good things: news, entertainment, and businesses (small and local included).

Just want to see if and how it is done.

"But, Sura, don't fall into the abyss!" 

No worries. Let's consider it play. Something fun to add to the blogs. And if the abyss consumes me, and I am in a van down by the river, rescue me amidst the empty bags and cans. If I am in a cottage on the shoreline, come hang out. I'll have cold Pepsi and some Fritos.

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